2-Sided (V) Business Card

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2-Sided Business Card

Vertical Format

$.15 per card

Mininium of 250

Create your own.

Many backgrounds to chose from

Add you own backgrounds, logos etc

Add your own images which can be enlarged & cropped

Add your own text,  You can control the color, font & size of the text.



Basic steps to creating your custom product.

Choose your product

When you select the type of project you would like to create.

Click Create

When you click create it will be taken to our online design tool.

Add images

a. To add images to your project click on the “Add Images” button at the top left corner of your screen. Browse your computer for the images you want to add, select the image(s), and click open. You can select multiple images at a time by holding down the shift key. We recommend adding all the images you want to use to one folder on your computer to save time when selecting your images. The images will upload and appear at the top of your screen along the images bar.

b. Once you have uploaded your images you add them to your project by either “drag-n-drop” or click the “Fill Book” button. To add a single picture select it with your mouse and drag the image to the frame you want to populate and release your mouse button. Or to add multiple images at a time, select the images with your mouse while holding down the shift key then click the “Fill Book” button.

Adjust images by panning and cropping

Click on the image you want to adjust. Yellow symbols will appear in the corners and center of the frame. Select the symbol by hovering over it with your curser arrow and holding down the left mouse button. To crop your image move your mouse while the symbol in one of the corners is selected. To pan your image use the circular symbol in the center.

Add text

You can edit existing text by double clicking on it to reveal the text editor. To add a new text box to your page click on the “T” to the left of your screen. You can then edit this text through the text editor.

 Proofread your project

Please proofread your project carefully as we do not provide this service for you. To spell check your text, copy and paste it into a word processor, run the spell checker, and copy the text back into the text editor.

Save & Checkout

When you are happy with your finished project click on “Add to cart” at the top right corner of your screen and complete the check-out process or continue shopping.



Template provided to show printing areas only

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